Friday, July 31, 2009

Reflection in a Tidal Pond

These are inspirational photos of reflections in a tidal pool area which we had painted throughout the week. The challenge for the trip was the overly verdant palette of "greens". This was my first opportunity to do some work after the Workshop ended and I was still in the area.

Gestural pastel color sketch of the movements on Kitty Wallis on a sanded surface. Working directly on to the surface with a sketchy approach in color and line to find the dominant shapes and color areas.

Continued development of the theme in local color, trying to find the correct greens of the areas. I used primarily soft pastels and strong color for this sketch. The intensity of the visuals and the area cried out for bold color choices.

Adding more strokes of different color to form the matrix of shapes. The pine trees, the grasses, and the moving water combined to create strong dark and light areas of broken color. Everything vibrated and moved making it a perfect impressionist subject.

Close-up of area to show application and variety of impressionist color and strokes, I hope to do other paintings of this subject in more relaxed and colorful interpretations.

Water reflections as broken color strokes, as well as larger masses of color. Feeling a little "Monet" with this area of the painting.

Attention given to edges, watery feeling in the reflections, as well as grasses in the foreground area completes this pastel in the studio. I am looking forward to a series of the "Greens of July in Maine."

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