Friday, January 17, 2014

Doug Dawson at ALLI 2013

Using Photographic reference to create Landscape ptgs in the Studio

Doug Dawson shows the textured paper from Wallis that he uses unless he makes his own.
Many papers and recipes for surfaces are available to Pastel Painters .

To begin ,  Doug practices all the steps - which in our hurry to get to work - we often bypass.
This means a  SKETCH  showing the big SHAPES and VALUES.

He likes to create Color Harmonies to begin on the tinted overall color ground. For Landscape
paintings ( primarily COOL ) he may begin with WARM colors , in a limited palette.

Notice the color THUMBNAIILS  which are developed - to show the VISUAL THOUGHTS
that will  continue to inform.   We are seeing all the plans along the way.

The beginning marks  on the pastel paper are Loose , Light and Varied , leaving lots of
room for more layers based on the preparatory  work which is shown.

Following Doug's steps you can improve your Landscape Paintings from photo References

Shelli Ardizzone

Monday, August 12, 2013

National Art League, Douglaston, NY is the setting for a weekend workshop 
celebrating our favorite summer flowers . 

Students and Flower Painters love this weekend tim to paint these blooms at  their peak
of freshness and beauty . Sets ups are live, in lovely settings which inspire 
beautiful interpretations .

Instructor Shelli Ardizzone, offers these workshops to unabashed Flower Painters
during the year and can be contacted at artzoneny@earthlink.

Shelli Robiner-Ardizzone

Doug Dawson Workshop on the North Fork of Long Island NY

In 2011 , The Art Guild hosted renowned Pastellist/Oil Painter , PSA Hall of Fame awardee 2008, for a week of Workshops  

This video revisits the historic Elderfields property, and other plein air locations in the Port Washington area. 
 Doug introduces us to thumbnail sketches for plein air, and asked participants to select 3 pastels which were used  to create a painting using this limited palette, 

Colors are overlapped, pressure , and mark making variety  allow for creative possibilities heretofore unexplored by most artists. 

This approach offers great flexibility for playing with color and mass . Students paintings created on site  are shown in this video. 

A NEW Doug Dawson workshop series   for 2013  is  offered by The Art Guild 
for information email

Pastel Flower Demo

Flowers and Soft Pastel are a favorite inspiration for making art

 Beginning with a vine charcoal sketch an artist includes all the basic information-
 orientation of the subject on the paper, largest shapes , angles , -
This is fast and specific information .

 Massing in the colors of these larger shapes are the place to start .

Working from soft pastel ),using the side of the pieces ) filling all the major areas
with LOCAL color .

 The wire mesh containers are the invention of PSA Hall of Fame artist Doug Dawson,
 and a great way to have a small footprint wherever you work.
 I arrange mine in 4 baskets , assorted by VALUES . Baskets are lightweight and I have
 everything that I need to interpret my color vision.

 Soft pastels are easily mixed by layering colors, as the forms develop.. I keep a container with all the colors I am using for this painting for the next session.

 The artists "touch" "hand pressure" is light with the Art Spectrum middle value color is showing through as layer by layer are developed .

 Edges HAPPEN, as the shapes are defined .
 More color is added to positive and negative spaces .

 Looking at the SET UP ( live in the studio, with appropriate Lighting ) .)is the way I prefer to work. Seeing the shadows and lights based on the direction of the light source both indoors and outdoors makes for a cohesive and dramatic resolution .

 The contrast of the DARKEST DARKS and LIGHTEST LIGHTS create the clarity and drama of a painting

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flowers In February - Haven Art 2012

Shelli Ardizzones' "Flowers in February 2012 is a 3 day celebration of all levels, all media creating
art work from  live FLOWERS.

In its 12th year artists gather to paint the freshest flowers from the Wholesale Market in NYC arranged into  set ups spread over the  3 studio  areas of Haven Art.

Haven Art is located in Port Washington , NY, and is a wonderful place to hold a workshop.

Thanks to all the 20 painters who attended over the 3 days, and created the parade of color, and different visions you will see in this slide show.

I am sending out the images as a slide show so you can ENJOY each image.

For additional information visit