Monday, August 12, 2013

Pastel Flower Demo

Flowers and Soft Pastel are a favorite inspiration for making art

 Beginning with a vine charcoal sketch an artist includes all the basic information-
 orientation of the subject on the paper, largest shapes , angles , -
This is fast and specific information .

 Massing in the colors of these larger shapes are the place to start .

Working from soft pastel ),using the side of the pieces ) filling all the major areas
with LOCAL color .

 The wire mesh containers are the invention of PSA Hall of Fame artist Doug Dawson,
 and a great way to have a small footprint wherever you work.
 I arrange mine in 4 baskets , assorted by VALUES . Baskets are lightweight and I have
 everything that I need to interpret my color vision.

 Soft pastels are easily mixed by layering colors, as the forms develop.. I keep a container with all the colors I am using for this painting for the next session.

 The artists "touch" "hand pressure" is light with the Art Spectrum middle value color is showing through as layer by layer are developed .

 Edges HAPPEN, as the shapes are defined .
 More color is added to positive and negative spaces .

 Looking at the SET UP ( live in the studio, with appropriate Lighting ) .)is the way I prefer to work. Seeing the shadows and lights based on the direction of the light source both indoors and outdoors makes for a cohesive and dramatic resolution .

 The contrast of the DARKEST DARKS and LIGHTEST LIGHTS create the clarity and drama of a painting

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