Friday, January 17, 2014

Doug Dawson at ALLI 2013

Using Photographic reference to create Landscape ptgs in the Studio

Doug Dawson shows the textured paper from Wallis that he uses unless he makes his own.
Many papers and recipes for surfaces are available to Pastel Painters .

To begin ,  Doug practices all the steps - which in our hurry to get to work - we often bypass.
This means a  SKETCH  showing the big SHAPES and VALUES.

He likes to create Color Harmonies to begin on the tinted overall color ground. For Landscape
paintings ( primarily COOL ) he may begin with WARM colors , in a limited palette.

Notice the color THUMBNAIILS  which are developed - to show the VISUAL THOUGHTS
that will  continue to inform.   We are seeing all the plans along the way.

The beginning marks  on the pastel paper are Loose , Light and Varied , leaving lots of
room for more layers based on the preparatory  work which is shown.

Following Doug's steps you can improve your Landscape Paintings from photo References

Shelli Ardizzone

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