Friday, February 4, 2011

New Cezann-esque Pastel still life painting

This is the original set up , I am inspired by a batik scarf a gift from an Indian student , the white plate with fruit and veggies, and a nod to Cezanne . I am using a sanded surface, Art Spectrum Paper which comes in various sizes.

Here I begin blocking in the colors, were I answer the question " what color IS this area. I am working loosely and lightly with NuPastels, all over the mid value paper. The entire painting will be developed at the same time , rather then only finishing one element at a time.

Clarifying my colors and and adding softer pastels for depth and variety of strokes, I use the side, and points of my materials, varying the pressure. Since I am working on a sanded surface, the base color comes through to give a more textured visual look which my goal.

I am not happy with the wine glass in the middle of the composition. How do I get rid of this element ? I am using a stiff brush to get rid of the pastel build-up, and re applying the table color , and scarf folds into that area, AS WELL AS, the shape of another pear. I now feel that more weight is needed in the lower left front of the painting under the white plate.

Further adjustments are raising the turquoise table line higher. This means adjusting the folds of the scarf, as well as a darker area under the table. Any color alterations are surprisingly possible at every stage of a painting. Brushing off the color, the surface of a sanded surface will allow for major surgery to a painting.

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